Sunday, 28 August 2011

My little trip to Torbay

Recently, i have been on holiday to the south of England, in Devon. I went to the area of Torbay which is made up of 3, popular and attractive towns. Torquay, Paignton and Brixham.
Torquay is the main town and hosts the night-life and shopping, as well as restaurants, amusements and small independant shops. Torquay has its own beach, ideal for good weather.
Paignton is the seaside town, which boasts a long, attractive beach, with different shops, amusements and bars located in the town.
Brixham is more quiet and secluded. The hilly area makes for nice scenery across the harbour. Brixham is mainly famous for its fishing industry and restaurants. This is  for a more relaxed break.

I stayed in paignton, on a caravan site called Marine Park, owned by Beverley holidays. I enjoyed my experience a lot and would recommend this area, as well as the caravan site, to others. Devon is a beautiful country and provides all for a family holiday, lads weekend or a relaxing break.

A view of the beautiful Torquay, my apologies for the poor picture quality.